Mashhad city law schools

Attar Higher Education Institute

(Non-profit non-governmental)

Summary of information from Attar Higher Education Institute of Mashhad

1- Suitable geographical location in the holy city of Mashhad Kowsar Boulevard

2- Using experienced and committed administrative and educational staff

3- Has eighteen majors orientation, in 3 levels of bachelor’s degree, part-time bachelor’s degree and master’s degree

4- Having a well-equipped computer site, library and wireless internet space in the environment of the institute

5- Significant number of passes in higher level exams

6- Possibility of using student loans during study

7- Has private parking

8- Activities of student organizations

9- Has a student counseling center

10- Tuition discount for the first to third ranks of each semester

11- Using experienced professors of other universities, especially Ferdowsi University of Mashhad as a visiting professor

12- The possibility of using the privileges of talented students to continue their studies at higher levels

Institute address

Mashhad – Piroozi Boulevard – Kowsar Boulevard – North Kowsar 43

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Sanabad Golbahar Higher Education Institute

Sanabad Golbahar Higher Education Institute started its activities in September 2009 with the official permission of the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology.

Courses of study in Sanabad Golbahar Higher Education Institute by degree:

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Khorasan Razavi, the new city of Golbahar, at the beginning of Esteghlal Boulevard, next to the district building

Razavi University of Islamic Sciences

Introduction of Razavi University of Islamic Sciences (State University):

After the victory of the glorious Islamic Revolution, Razavi University of Islamic Sciences was founded in 1984 by the efforts and foresight of the representative of the late Ayatollah Vaez Tabasi (may God have mercy on him) and the new guardian of the late Astan Quds Razavi. Each of which is more than four centuries old, is beautiful. The statute of this university, which is located next to the shrine of Hazrat Ali ibn Musa al-Reza (AS), was approved by the Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution in 1995, and now this university emphasizes the seminary authenticity and the official certificate of the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology. Continues.


Holy Mashhad, the holy shrine of Imam Reza (AS),
Razavi University of Islamic Sciences

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Mashhad Ferdowsi University

Center type: State university


Ferdowsi University of Mashhad was under the scientific and academic supervision of the University of San Francisco during the Pahlavi era.

With the transformation of the Higher School of Health in 1328 into a medical school, the first step was taken to establish the third Iranian university in Mashhad. In 1334, the Faculty of Literature was established with five separate disciplines. With the expansion of higher education in Iran, respectively, Faculty of Theology, Faculty of Science, Night course, Faculty of Pharmaceutical and Nutrition Sciences, Faculty of Educational Sciences and Psychology, Faculty of Agriculture, Faculty of Engineering, Institute of Optometry, Faculty of Dentistry, University High School and Training Center The University of Mashhad, which was renamed Ferdowsi University in 1974 with the election of Mehdi Rezaei, was added.

After the Islamic Revolution, with changes in some units and separation of Ferdowsi University of Medical Sciences from Mashhad, Faculty of Administrative and Economic Sciences, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Shirvan School of Agriculture, Faculty of Physical Education and Sport Sciences, Faculty of Mathematics, Neishabour Faculty of Arts, Plant Sciences Research Institute, The Seismological Research Center, the University College, the Faculty of Natural Resources and Environment, and the Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning were among the universities that were added to the University over time.

According to the resolution of the 144th meeting of the Higher Education Development Council dated March 26, 1974, with the aim of creating a strong and suitable engineering hub in eastern Iran and creating suitable facilities and conditions for cultivating youth technical talents, providing specialized manpower, implementing industrial projects and scientific and industrial independence , The Faculty of Engineering of Ferdowsi University was established.

Islamic Azad University, Mashhad Branch

Center type: Azad University


Islamic Azad University of Mashhad is one of the first university units that was established in December 1982 and started its scientific movement with 167 students in three fields in October 1983 and has been promoted to a comprehensive university in terms of rank since July 2000 and in the second general assembly. The International Union of Universities of the Islamic World (April 2001 – Kuala Lumpur) has been accepted as a member of that union.

Golbahar Educational Complex is located in the new city of Golbahar.

It should be noted that the project of the university cultural complex including a mosque and amphitheater and ancillary spaces including an exhibition, reception hall and cultural sections with infrastructure equivalent to 6386 has also been constructed in this complex.

Address and location of Mashhad Azad University

Address of Central Organization 1: Mashhad – Emamieh Blvd. – Ostad Yousefi St. – Campus of Islamic Azad University of Mashhad – Central Organization Building

Contact number of Central Organization 1: 05136619315

Address of Central Organization 2: Iran – Khorasan Razavi – Mashhad – Qasem Abad – Emamiyeh Boulevard – corner of Emamiyeh 42