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Avaye Rahnama Law Firm has taken a step towards justice and truth and has started its activities in the criminal and legal fields since 2014. This company was established with full legal nature to the CEO of Mostafa Rahemi Karizki and was published in the official newspaper on 07/08/2014, with registration number 4363 and national number 1400449385 after obtaining the necessary licenses.

From the beginning of its establishment until today, this legal entity has had a very brilliant and successful record and has represented, arbitrated and settled lawsuits in the legal and criminal fields. It is worth mentioning that in 1397, the changes made in the company have gone through the legal process and the latest announcement of the institute’s changes is as follows: “According to the minutes of the Extraordinary General Assembly dated 02/16/1397, the name of the institute was changed from the Avaye Javanane Pouyaye Sarafraz to the legal institution of the Avaye Rahnamaye Meraj, and the relevant article was amended to the articles of association.” It should be noted that all activities of Avae Meraj Law Firm are separate and independent from Avae Rahnama Law Firm and Arbitration.

Whatever I say, everyone is honest

Do not deviate from the vote and find a solution

“Avaye Rahnama” is ready to bring peace to the society by providing the best services to esteemed clients through years of continuous experience, by experienced lawyers, successful planners and well-thought-out consultants who have always been faithful to the basic principles and skills.

In “Avaye Rahnama” expert group, first grade lawyers, judges, official experts and specialized and committed legal experts are at the service of esteemed clients. Accelerating and facilitating the process and outcome of clients’ affairs is one of the company’s concerns, and in this regard, management and staff are committed to achieving this important goal.

In today’s world, where people are tied to information technology (technology), there are various needs in various fields, the most obvious of which is easy access to specialized and comprehensive legal services.

Accordingly, the lawyers of “Avaye Rahnama” have accepted the case or consultation only in their specialized field, in which they have the necessary experience and experience, and these services are provided in two ways: traditional (face-to-face) and modern (via cyberspace). , And the best decision will be made to solve the client’s problems and advance the cases, and the successful statistics of the institute show this.

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